Pusheo Key Features

Pusheo is the best way to get real-time communication going for you. Here's why...


Pusheo uses websockets to get real time connectivity. In case of a failure, Pusheo withdraws the current transport and falls back to HTTP Long Polling and even to HTTP Polling if required.

High Bandwidth

Transfer of data accross platforms, technologies and devices is in a jiffy, as there is no cap or limit on the network I/O. Pusheo is designed to handle a large amount of traffic without reducing the speed.


All you need to do is buy the single tenant version, follow the simple instructions and bring Pusheo to your own server. Use one set of pub/sub keys which you define.


Cross platform compatibility: Pusheo can be very easily incorporated using any of the API (js, php, Android, iOS).
While developing any application using Pusheo, you need not worry about its internal structure. Also, we have REST API.
Operations like 'subscribe', 'publish', 'history call' can be done with just one restful call.


Pusheo facilitates full-duplex mechanism and non-blocking communication with server. Hence, your data is treated as high priority. It is independent of your application size.


Uptime guarantee of 98%. Automatic reconnection in case of random network failure. Also, this option is configurable.

Call Back

Pusheo provides a Callback Mechanism for handling various events during connection lifecycle (open, close, error, onMessage, etc). All the API's support callback mechanism.

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