Pusheo Documentation

Step by step instructions for easy installation and configuration of Pusheo.


Initialize the object of Pusheo as follows:

Pusheo *pusheo;
pusheo=[[Pusheo alloc] init];

a. Normal Mode : ‘subscribe’ key and ‘publish’ key both are required. In this mode, you can PUBLISH as well as RECEIVE messages.

[pusheo initializeWithServerUrl:@"http://SERVER_IP:8080" publishKey:@"123" subscribeKey:@"123"];

b. Subscribe-only Mode : ‘publish’ key not required (Pass publish_key as @"" or nil). In this mode, you can ONLY RECEIVE messages but you CANNOT PUBLISH messages to any channel. History will be available.

[pusheo initializeWithServerUrl:@"http://SERVER_IP:8080" publishKey:@"" subscribeKey:@"123"];

c. Publish-only Mode : Subscribe key and publish key both are required. In this mode you can publish messages but you CANNOT RECEIVE MESSAGES. History will NOT be available.

[pusheo initializeWithServerUrl:@"http://SERVER_IP:8080" publishKey:@"123" subscribeKey:@"123"];
  • You can configure this object for ‘LostMessageCalls’ as follows:
  • [pusheo periodicHistoryCall:YES interval:10];

  • If you don’t configure, the default options are automatically used. By default, ‘LostMessageCalls’ are active with an interval of 20 seconds.