Pusheo Documentation

Step by step instructions for easy installation and configuration of Pusheo.


After initializing the Pusheo object, you can subscribe to a channel.

A channel can be any valid alphanumeric string. “lost_messages_call_interval” specifies the lost messages call interval. Pusheo automatically checks for lost messages and delivers them to you. You also need to specify callback functions at this stage as follows:

    channel: "12345",
    lost_messages_call: true,
    lost_messages_call_interval: 10000,
    open: onOpen,
    message: onMessage,
    message_sent: onMessageSent,
    close: onClose,
    error: onError,
    params: {
        timeout: 300000,
        transport: 'websocket',
        fallbackTransport: 'long-polling',
        maxRequest: 5000,
        reconnect: true,
        reconnectInterval: 5000